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ABOUT US: Free Crafts for kids photos and printable craft instructions. Easy educational children arts and crafts projects for children. Preschool crafts, school aged craft and crafts for kids in mixed aged groups for homeschooling co-ops and camp crafts. Kids Crafts with kid friendly materials such as paint, paper, boxes, string, crayons, paint, glue, fabric and pompoms, pipe cleaners, beads, ribbons and more. Our craft projects include: learning crafts for history, science and literature, toys, games and FREE printable coloring pages/templates.
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Original Coloring Pages to Print

Valentine's Day Craft for Kids Bookmarks bears, owls, bugs and rocketships

These coloring pages are actually bookmarks that can be colored and presented to classmates. Print and cut and share with your entire class. We glued our bookmarks to strips of scrapbook paper. Add a ribbon at the top for a useful and original valentine crafts. Teachers what a thoughtful original gift for your entire class to enjoy. Hey guess what! These are perfect valentines for boys! Bears, Owls, Frogs and Rocket Ships

*click on image for printable template in PDF

Valentines day arts and crafts aren't just for girls. I designed these images with much consideration for my only son. Someday in the future we will making Valentines crafts for his classmates and it won't be all about hearts and flowers.
But I have to admit, the OWL image was just for me. The advantage of having crafts website is that I can pick and choose my favorites. And of course share our arts and craft experience with the readers. Here's an additional idea. Print, color and cut out your bookmarks then add an extra special touch with a colorful paperclip and some ribbon as we did here.

ribbon bookmark

What are Printable Coloring Pages?

"Printable coloring pages" are a collection of line drawings that are delivered to you digitally as a PDF file. They're similar to the regular "pre-printed" coloring pages that you can buy in shops - but they're better!

You can print these coloring pages as many times as you want - for the rest of your life! These are our original images that were created for our classroom, home school and family.

Coloring Pages for kids

All the coloring pages on our site are free and printable! Download and print as many copies as you like -- for your personal use or for the classroom. Color individual pages or download a bunch to make your own coloring book.

Experient with color, media or even size by printing reduced or enlarged images.



Plus, store-bought coloring books often include double-sided pages that force you to choose between the front or the back, because the colors will bleed through. Printable coloring pages give you much more freedom!



Our coloring pages require the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader. This ensures that both MAC and Windows Users can download the coloring sheets and that your coloring pages aren't covered with ads or other web site junk. To download your free copy, click here. (Kids: don't forget to get your parent's help downloading software!)

Warm cupid's heart with crafts this Valentine's Day. Discover Simple and Fun Valentine's Day Ideas For Kids. Kids can create Valentine's Day craft collages or cards with these adorable images. Some Great Valentine graphics for home, gift giving and the classroom. Our valentine crafts for kids are complete with easy printable craft instructions. (and a picture for those visual learners).

Heart Headbands

St Valentines Day Craft heart headbands

ASL Valentine's Day Card

ASL I love you sign

Classroom Valentine Decorations

Crafts for Kids Love bugs

Valentine Keeper - Panda

Valentine Mailbox craft for kids PANDA

Sweetheart Candy Frames

Craft ideas for kids Candy Sweetheart Frames

Valentine Gift Heart Garden

Valentines Day Craft for Kids thumbprint garden

Stain Glass Tissue Heart

Stain Glass Tissue Valentine Heart

Candy Cane Valentine Pops

Valentine Candy Cane Pops

Valentine Gifts for Teachers
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Printable craft instructions

Don't miss our section of easy Christmas kids crafts for children. Use these ideas to help fill those bored moments between snow storms or shopping trips. Thinking of something to give to distant relatives who are visiting? Kids craft ideas can turn into one of a kind Christmas gifts.





Over the years, I have evolved and grown into my job as a mother, as my family has evolved and grown in size. With each child, my world changed, not only in mathematical terms but also in dynamics, imagination and creativity!

In addition to making sure each child gets some undivided mommy attention, playing dolls, reading books, cars, blocks, cooking and sewing etc...I allow them to explore their world and focus on creating kids crafts and art projects that cater to their current interests.

So this website grew from a place to store all our holiday kids crafts to one that shows off our home school learning crafts on the topics of the kid's choice.

The children in turn have become creative designers and are working on their own craft ideas, personal interest websites and business blogs. Yes, they are only in elementary school. However, in this house we focus on each child choosing a business to explore and create.

We are looking for Child Development Blogs that feature Play based learning! FREE LINKS SPACE PROVIDED HERE!

Share yours with us! Subject line should read: Play based Blog

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